Growing Iris the Rainbow Goddess

Growing Iris the Rainbow Goddess

iris flower

Iris flowers are named after the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, which is appropriate for their extensive range of colours.

There are many different varieties of Iris The most common is the German Bearded Iris’ which include a range of different cultivatars.

  • Provided they are grown in a suitable location, Iris provide a good low maintenance display.
  • The main thing is to ensure the soil has good drainage. If the bulbs become waterlogged there is a risk of the bulb rotting. (apart from the varieties which are grown on pond edges.
  • Iris enjoy full sun or partial sun.
  • The Iriz rhizomes should be planted at or just above soil level.
  • Iris bulb varieties should be planted 2-3 times the depth of the bulb size.
  • I. unguicularis is a good variety for offering flowers in early winter when flowers are rare. These need a sheltered, sunny and free draining spot.

Iris reticulata
Dividing Iris.

Iris can be divided every 2-3 years. It is best to this in autumn at the end of the growing season. It is fine to use a spade and split the rhizomes into 2 or 3 pieces.

Common Iris Problems.

  • Slugs and Snails. Slugs are attracted to Iris especially the flowers. When the flowers fade it is helpful to remove the flowers and top third of the leaves to make the plants more attractive and also remove alot of slugs who may remain at the top third of the plant

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