Saxifraga Irvingii

Saxifraga Irvingii

Saxifraga x irvingii 'Jenkinsiae'

This is a lovely low growing alpine. It flowers in early spring (here pictured flowering in Feb).

it goes without saying that like other alpines, this Saxifraga will benefit from a well drained position to avoid rotting away in a cold waterlogged soil.

It is very low growing, though easily earns its place for its attractive foliage and one of the earliest ‘pink’ flowers of the season.
Saxifraga x irvingii 'Jenkinsiae'
Companion plants

This saxifraga was being grown in rockery of Oxford Botanic Gardens. Nearby were Cyclamen coum, Iris reticulata and snowdrops. Also consider dwarf Alliums such as Allium cyaneum.

An even earlier Saxifraga is Saxifraga burseriana.

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Saxifraga Irvingii at Saxifraga society

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