Spring Narcissus in Pots

If you want to pick a bunch of flowers like these next spring first you need to buy and plant your bulbs.
The best selection is generally available first.

Buying Spring Bulbs

  • From August the bulbs start arriving in the nurseries and Garden centres.
  • I have bought my first selection of miniature Narcissus Little Gem. They will grow 6-8″ high (or short) and flower sulphur yellow.
  • I have in mind to grow them in pots in the cold greenhouse.
  • Another variety I am on the look out for is ‘Cedric Morris’ which often has flowers by Christmas. It is the earliest daffodil I know and beats the first snowdrop and winter aconite into flower.
  • Below is a display of small Narcissus shown to scale against my filofax.

narcissus nivalis

Narcissus Bulbocodium var. Nivalis.
Comes from Portugal, where often found in damp peaty soil. Also does well grown here in pots. Can also be naturalised in grass.


Early Narcissus in pots
Tips for Narcissus Growing in Pots

  • Narcissus daffodils bulbs need 13-15 weeks in the cold to bloom well. Smaller varieties may be quicker.
  • After this cold period, the pots can be brought into  direct sunlight where they should bloom in about 3-4 weeks. So you can work out when to plant them to get flowers for a specific time.
  • 8-10″ pots will hold 10 larger Daffodils buried 3″ deep. Leave room at the top for watering your pots.
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