Japanese Garden a Gardeners Project

Japanese Garden a Gardeners Project


Despite my garden being full to overflowing after the spring rain I have decided to create a new area for a Japanese Garden. When starting a new project I was advised to have a name that may colour the end result. I opted for the grand title of ‘Japan Land’  This will be a long term project and I won’t rush it as I have on other projects in the past.

Action Plan for my Japanese Garden

    • Read up on the various forms and the nature of Japanese gardens.

Book Cover

  • Decide which area is going to be sacrificed to provide space for the Japanese garden.
  • Draw a rough plan  on a piece of paper and list the features to be incorporated.
  • Walk the patch and see if any plants need to be left in situ. I have a couple of Azaleas that I want to keep.
  • List the gardening problems I have caused in the past that I hope to avoid on this project.

Past Problems to Avoid

  • I generally leave too little space for paths and access.
  • Forgetting  to label or record the location of a particular plant  has meant I do not give any individual treatment until it is too late.
  • Many Japanese favourites are long lived such as Acer, Wisteria and Peonies so I must leave enough space for them to grow and develop.

Japanese Features

  • Moss and greenery – I am collecting mossy rocks and treating others with moss food (old Yohgurt & soil)
  • Asymmetrical shapes and layout will be a contrast to the straight lines of my formal borders.
  • Preferring plants to structures in this garden I need to change and incorporate some formal structures short of a tea-house. Think about motion, water and space.
  • The foreground, middle-ground and background need too be viewed several times from all vantage points before I move on to a detailed drawn plant.

Well it should be back to the Books for a while, a good pastime for Autumn when the workload reduces.

Phase Two Action Plan

  • Bring the various plans together in a more detailed manner.
  • Test the conditions of the site, ph, rain shadow, shade and nutrient levels.
  • Clear the site except for the odd plant that is being saved. Relocate or give away surplus plants.
  • Order the key trees and plants or visit specialist nurseries to acquire.
  • Install the main structural features and any plants that need to be established before winter.
  • Tell the family what I want for Christmas.

View from the other side of the proposed site. Minimum size 15′ by 10′ to be reconsidered.

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On a more war like footing the features in a Samurai garden include those listed here.

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