Tree Books – More than Three Books

2018 has been a remarkable year for tree books and the publishing trade has done a good job listing new and older titles. There is now a forest of books to acquire and collect and I hope they have been printed on paper from sustainable sources.

Book Cover

A ubiquitous book that has been a star seller on the shelves this year. The bright cover and eclectic mix of poems has hopefully started many saplings on a journey with trees.
Book CoverA compendium of National Trust History & Heritage. We can take pride in our tree history.

Book CoverFascinating facts that are hard to comprehend until you study what is going on with trees in groups. A clever update of another edition, a sort of sucker from the parent tree.

Book CoverWe are not alone in venerating trees and if you want an excuse to travel the world then this book will provide some inspiration.

Book CoverI carry a Pockert Tree & Shrub Expert book by the gardeners friend Dr D G Hessayon. Collins have long published this more embracing field guide.

Book CoverHow to be a tree spotter of special and notable trees. Follow the examples in this book or seek out your own one-off tree.

Book CoverThere is more to wood growing in the woods than we think. Over the centuries the social links with trees have created a depth of folklore and wisdom.

Book CoverAs I mature in years (but not humor) I appreciate the 1000 plus years that some ancient trees have been around.

Book CoverOne for the children – may it help the little acorns grow into mature tree loving and knowledgeable adults!

Book CoverAn old favourite of mine about apple pies and the fruit trees that produce them. A tasty book at the best of times.

Book Cover My current bedtime reading about the risks to our Ancient Woodland.

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