Best Garden Photographs and Tips November

Best Garden Photographs and Tips November

Yorkshire Autumn

Early November before heavy frost. This Hydrangea bloom still looks very attractive despite flowers fading.

Oxford Botanic Gardens

After heavy frost, this pond in Oxford Botanic Garden is frozen over, though this duck doesn’t seem too displeased.

Yorkshire Autumn
Late Autumn sunshine captures this Acer Palmatum, one of the great delights of the November Garden.

Oxford Botanic Gardens

Gunnera leaves try giving some frost protection.

November Garden Tasks

  • Plant Tulips. November is best month for avoiding Tulip fungal problems.
  • Clear up leaves and put on leaf compost.
  • Cut down perennials and add stems to compost heap, break up stems to help decomposition.
  • Rake lawn to take up old thatch and moss. Sprinkle sand over waterlogged areas to help drainage.
  • Move tender plants inside and mulch tender perennials for protection.
  • Make sure adequate drainage in pots to prevent waterlogging.
  • Plant any winter flowering plants like pansies
  • You could try putting a cloch over Hellebores to try and encourage earlier flowering. You could also try an put a cloch or fleece over winter vegetables to try and extend growing season, but, low light levels may make this difficult.
  • There aren’t many plants in flower at this time of the year. You can always delve into seed catalogues to look forward to next year.
  • Clean and replenish Bird feeders

Houseplant and Indoor Plant Tips

  • Cacti and succulents can rot if over watered. Ease back on all watering.
  • Scale insects can become a problem on Citrus plants and Orchids.
  • Increase humidity for indoor plants to combat central heating. I use clay granules or damp gravel to stand pots on.
  • Insulate greenhouses with bubble wrap.

frosted leaves 2


Frosty the flowerpotman

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