10 New Year Gardening Resolutions

10 New Year Gardening Resolutions

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My gardening New Year Resolutions

  1. Enjoy The Garden. Will take time to enjoy the garden without feeling obliged to pick up weeds …
  2. Grow more from seed. There is a thrill in growing things from seed. Will use cold frame and pots to grow sweet peas. – Hard work, but, one plant always worth the effort.
  3. Will be more focused in Doing jobs. A lot of my gardening is done without planning. I just go out in my slippers to pick some flowers and before I know it – I’ve started cutting back a shrub and pulling up pernicious weeds. It means I often do jobs without proper tools or focus. If really target 1 problem at a time with all the right equipment, you can solve it rather than doing things half heartedly.
  4. Be Bolder. As gardeners, we often think what would other people do, what are we supposed to do. I’m going to be bolder in planting sweet peas and tall plants in front garden, which has traditionally been a place of low growing bedding plants.
  5. Time Saving Plans. Some bamboo has become time consuming, because it is sending runners all over the place. Rather than dealing with the endless runners – I’m just going to take it all out and replant something new or a bamboo which definitely doesn’t send runners everywhere.
  6. Build a Pond. A pond will attract more wildlife and add a new element of interest. I have been put off doing it because it is a big project, so I’m going to scale down the size to something more manageable and add it.
  7. Spend as much time Planting as weeding. Last year, I was always weeding and creating wonderful beds of blank soil. The result was I didn’t have enough time to spend time growing plants from seed / diving e.t.c. This is the fun part of gardening so I will do more of it.
  8. Grow Something new. For the past few years, I have been relying on same plants. There is great fun in trying something new from seed – something completely different and see how it gets on.
  9. Visit More Gardens. The best way to gain inspiration from a garden is not through books or talking about it, but visiting other gardens. Visiting  professional and well kempt gardens you come back with lots of enthusiasm for creating a better garden and also combinations of plants which work well.
  10. Clean Tools. A good gardener doesn’t just keep order in the garden, but, also his tool shed. If tools are kept in great working order – blades sharp and well oiled then it makes the whole experience of garden more enjoyable.


One thought on “10 New Year Gardening Resolutions

  1. All good resolutions for a gardener, especially taking out the bamboo:) Less work for sure. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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