Roses in Winter

Roses in Winter


What to do with Roses  in Winter

  • Planning ahead  in January to get the best from your garden roses can be a restful pastime. What varieties and forms do you want to try? Check out some catalogues for ideas and more information.
  • Tidy up leaves that may hold blackspot spores
  • Prune any broken or damaged branches. Tie up loose ramblers or climbers.
  • Spray with tar-oil wash to kill over-wintering pests if you are troubled by them.
  • Prepare sites for new roses to be planted in spring. Double dig the ground and add organic matter, compost, humus and/or manure. Mix in bone meal or long lasting fertilizer.
  • Transplant any old roses you wish to move but into a fresh site where roses have not been grown before.
  • If the soil is frozen or waterlogged and unsuitable for planting heel-in bare rooted roses and plant when conditions improve. Normally planting can take place when the roses are dormant from November to March.
  • Plant to the same level or depth that the rose was grown to – do not plant any grafting below the soils surface.
  • Check for wind damage firming in any loose plants and prune back autumn planted roses if not already done so.

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