Tips to Increase Greenhouse Capacity

Grow with the flow and in early spring that flow is in the greenhouse


Acclimatised to Global Warming?
Easter snow flurries and April frosts have hampered planting so far this year, but gardeners will be hoping that the May bank holiday weekend offers some respite from the unseasonable cold and rain. Gardens will catch up from the colder than average start to spring. In fact we have been getting ahead of ourselves in recent years with earlier and earlier starts to the year and warmer than average spells in May and June.

To coin or corrupt an old phrase ‘Ne’re plant out till May is out’. Or if in doubt protect young seedlings from cold and frosty weather. I am referring to the month of May not May blossom the flower of the Hawthorn (Crataegus Monogyna) which is often used to celebrate May Day.

Temporary Greenhouse Capacity

Greenhouses will be full to bursting before it is safe to plant out so consider other temporary protection. First though make sure you use staging and shelves to optimise your main greenhouse. Don’t forget to water plants left under staging. You can hang some plants from the roof of many greenhouses.

    • Cold frame to protect plants in situ come in various sizes particular useful in the vegetable plot.
    • Cloches and mesh covers both fixed or flexible made from plastic of fleece

  • Cloche tunnels not too pretty in the flower patch but OK for many purposes
  • Horticultural Fleece of varying grades to cover plants when problems are expected – thin fleece can be doubled over if there is to be a frost.
  • Temporary greenhouse with plastic zippible cover can be a cheap and a good temporary method of increasing growing on capacity. There is a wide variety of lean-to products now available – I have one in permanent use in the side garden.
  • Trusty old window ledges and conservatories can be filled with seedlings and plants
  • Re-sow seeds in case the earlier crop is frosted off – they will catch up

Greenhouse by o5com CC BY 2.0

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