Lawn Games for Summer

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The top ten garden games need a Lawn and a gardener who bites their tongue occasionally.

French Cricket the game where the feet must stay still and together and the ball is bowled at the feet from wherever it lands. Hitting the ball into another garden or favourite bush is 6 and out except there is no scoring anyway.

Tip it and Run is a short version of cricket with an L shaped pitch where the bowler bowls at the wicket as soon as they have the ball and a batter has to run at right angles a defined distance and back if he tips or hits the ball anywhere.

Croquet need some equipment similar to that show which can be bought from a sports or toy shop or from Amazon.

Carpet Bowls or even bowls if your lawn is large enough. The fun is in the bias that makes the ball roll in a curved line. Unless the grass is very wet it is unlikely to damage the lawn.

Skittles or Ten Pin Bowls are set up in a triangle so that the front one falling knocks down the one behind in theory at least. A propritary brand called ‘Scattles’ is availabler from Master games.

Giant Jenga is a game for adults and the young alike. The pile of bricks teeters and topples as you remove bricks from lower down the pile but usually stays firm as kids take their turn.

Catch Throwing a ball can be the best fun and helps increase the coordination of young children. It is cheap and easy to play but beware the wild throw that breaks the prize flower. (weeds are usually safe from any damage).

Hoopla¬† or Quoits has rings to throw over pegs or spikes in the lawn. Boules would be an alternative if they didn’t cause too much damage.

High Jump can be fun for kids with a string tied at increasing heights between two canes. It needs a bit of care and tlc if they fall.

Rounders needs a fair bit of space depending on the age and skill of the participants. It can involve greater numbers as base minders and fielders make it more fun.

Hopscotch can be played by young children on a jigsaw type layout available from Argos

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