Plants I Grow from Cuttings

Plants I Grow from Cuttings

It is still not too late to take semi ripe and hard wood cuttings. Many perennials are short lived, like Penstemon, Pelargoniums and Pinks but they can be reinvigorated from new cuttings. Plants are not at their best in Autumn so results may not be perfect but I find it pays to experiment.

Semi-ripe cuttings should be hard at the base while the tip is still soft. Late summer to winter are good times to find material. Evergreens like Ceanothus, Choisya, Cistus, Erica, and Hebe have all grown well for me from cuttings.

Gardeners Autumn Cutting Tips

  • Take more cuttings than you need to cover losses.
  • Add perlite to your compost or use damp sand and peat
  • Hardwood cuttings of shrubs and trees can be taken and left outside under some shelter from a hedge. Buddleja, Cornus, Forsythia, Philadelphus and Ribes the flowering currant seem to do well overwintered as cuttings. Do not rush to look for roots give them time.
  • Pelargonium and decorative Fuchsia need to be over wintered away from frost and I find it easier to do this with soft cuttings rather than large plants.

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