Purple Coloured Flowers and Plants

Interesting colours are often seen in plants after a rain storm. The clouds and the temperature of the light can create some eerie shades. With all the rain in Yorkshire this summer colour in the garden has needed all the help it can get.


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Purple Flower Selection

  • Pulasatilla vulgaris has a satiny rich, purple petals with a grey hairy underside. Also called the Pasque flower it is great for a spring purple if you want to avoid crocus.
  • If you like your purples to err towards the red spectrum then Clematis Haku-Oakan or Gipsy Queen are the climbers for you.
  • Malva mauritiana is a top purple perennial but Iris are my favourite. Try Mandarin Iris mixed with lime green Euphorbia.
  • At the end of summer the best Michaelmas Daisies will bloom in purples of all hues


Purple Roses

  • Rosa Bleu Magenta hints at the colour scheme in the name of this climber
  • Purple Splendour and Purple Tiger may catch your attention.
  • A Galicia type that changes colour but at its best when fully purple is called Jenny Duval.

According to teleflora roses are ‘Thought to be almost mystical in nature, with symbolism tied to enchantment, desire and even proceeding cautiously, it’s not surprising that lilac and purple roses send a message of love at first sight.’ but you may say that if you were trying to sell Valentines day flowers.


Purple Auricula catch the eye at flower shows but it is also the contrast with grey-green foliage and the Green Eye.

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Purple Leaved Plants

Cotinus coggygri atropurpureum the smoke tree has deep, eggplant purple leaves. ‘Royal Purple’ and ‘Velvet Cloak’ are varieties that hold their deep color all season.
Crabapples Malus hybrids often have deep purple foliage ‘Robinson’ and ‘Purple Prince’ are good purples with attractive flowers
Some Acers, Japanese maples have fine foliage with reddish purple colour.
Weigela midnight wine and Berberis thunbergii come in a deep reddish purple

An array of purple pictures are on the site of Tony Howells

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