Woodlice Problems and Control

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Woodlice are generally seen as scavengers who eat rotting matter, they are not thought of as harmful to the garden. However, they do chew leaves and stems of tomatoes and cucumber in the greenhouse. They are not true insects but a species of crustacean.

Seedlings can be  eaten by woodlice before the seedlings become established. They can eat stems and leaves so woodlice are best destroyed.

Control and Problems

  • Woodlice and millipedes can be controlled using ant and insects powders historically Methiocarb with HCH lindane
  • Keep areas clear of any debris
  • Recycle woodlice you capture on to the compost heap.
  • Squishing and squashing woodlice is a common cure.
  • Woodlice like damp dark places with a source of rotting wood to lay their eggs.
  • Woodlice are unsightly particularly if they invaded the home where they like damp and rotting wood.


Methiocarb  is a molluscicide and insecticide for control of slugs, snails and many other pests. In 2014 the EU banned Methiocarb poison-baited pellets  due to their hazardous effect on grain-eating farm birds

Nippon Woodlice Killer based on permethrin

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