Rabbits a Pest in the Garden

Rabbits a Pest in the Garden

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Hungry Rabbits seem to eat virtually anything and I am not keen to satisfy their appetite. Not only that but they can cause other damage to plants and young trees. So in general I am disapproving of rabbits.

Symptoms of Rabbit Damage

  • Rabbits feed on a wide range of vegetables and ornamental plants grazing them close to the ground. My Muscari bulb shoots provided a tasty spring snack.
  • All they leave are short sprouts that may or may not grow back (to provide the rabbits with a second helping)
  • Even rose shoots have been gnawed away on my neighbours prize shrubs.
  • The bark of young trees is often gnawed to sharpen the teeth of the pesky rabbits.

Control of Rabbits

  • Erect a Rabbit proof fence all around the garden of 1″ wire mesh. It needs to be 4 feet high and 12″ buried below ground to stop Colditz style break ins over or under.
  • Use an animal repellent like Renadine or Wild Animal repellent
  • Get a Jack Russel or other suitable dog.
  • Move home

Some Rabbit Resistant Plants

  • Alchemilla mollis or Aquilegia
  • Bergenia or Foxglove
  • Clematis or Euphorbia
  • Dahlia and Peaony
  • Primula and some Hemerocallis
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