Support New Plants and New Gardeners

New gardeners can improve the look and success rate of their new plants if they give them appropriate support. Stakes for trees, bamboo canes, metal rods or bought systems are all possible forms of support. Here are just 5 ideas.

  1. Bushy perennials grow well through circular frames or netting.
  2. Top heavy plants such as peonies and dahlia are suited to a Y-stake support or a grid of twine.
  3. Pea sticks are useful for supporting shorter front of border plants like penstemon and some annuals.
  4. Clump forming upright perennials like delphinium or Helianthus can be supported with twine or tubes of netting.
  5. Runner beans and climbing beans need good support from wide ‘pea’ netting and a wigwam or line of good canes to support the weight of pods and summer breezes.

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