Plant a Plant – Gardening Terms

Plant a Plant – Gardening Terms

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Plant – to put in the ground for the purposes of growth. You can also plant in a pot or container. To plant is an active verb and the basis of much of gardening.

Plant – a living organism and member of the vegetable kingdom often used as a noun to include trees and shrubs as well as other growing flowers, weeds or herbs.

Plantlet – mini plants or offspring from a main plant as a means of reproducing themselves. e.g. Strawberry runners and Houseleeks (Sempervivum alpinum)

Planter – an ornamental container for plants most often used outdoors.

Plant up – a border or area filled with plants – a container can be ‘planted up’ with a selection of plants.

Plantain – a genus of plants that includes Bananas and a UK weed.

Planting – the act of putting plants, bulbs and roots into a growing medium. A planting is also used as a group term for a collection of plants ie a flower clock can be a ‘planting’ of low growing Sedum and coloured leaved plants.

Plant Kingdom – is a division of living things the other being the animal kingdom. Plant kingdom includes green plants, land plants such as worts and mosses and red algae.

Gardening Plant Tips

  • Bare rooted plants are normally planted out in spring and autumn when the soil is warm and there is sufficient moisture.
  • Plants grown in containers can usually planted at any time.
  • Water new plants once they are planted and keep watering until they become established and able to find moisture for themselves
  • Plant your plants in a good hole about twice the size of it’s rootball.
  • Firm the plant into the ground with a fist or heel so it can’t easily be pulled out or have the soil moved to uncover the roots.
  • Before planting the ground should be prepared by breaking up the soil. Add humus and fertiliser to give your plants roots the best home.
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