Hippocratic Oats & Medical Garden Conditions

Hippocratic Oats & Medical Garden Conditions

Hippocratic Oats

Do you suffer from Plumbago
Is your back a little sore
Or perhaps it’s Pyracanthus
Which you caught in Singapore
You’ve a nasty little Hosta
Which I think I’ll have to lance
And I notices a Spirea
Has been leading you a dance
Are you getting forgetful
Is Nemesia the cause
Does your Antirrhinum pain you
When you’re walking out of doors
You’ve had Skimmia Rubella
I can see it in your nose
And Cornus Capitosa
Has played havoc with your toes
How is your Viburnum Tinus
Have you lost your sense of smell
Use Syringia Reflexa
That should help to keep it well
I’m afraid your Macrocrocarpus
Isn’t really up to scratch
And do avoid Nigella
It’s a nasty thing to catch
Still I think you are doing nicely
Watch your Quercus in your knees
Take your Berberis twice nightly
Cheerio! Next patient please!

Doctor G. Arden

Herbal treatments for none of the above see

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