Herbs and Herbals

If you feel Herbie, the plants not the films, then sniff out the comments below:

Herbie the Love Bug

Herbie the Love Bug

Herb & Herbal Groupings

  • Culinary herbs for use in kitchens
  • Medicinal herbs, ancient and modern the basis of many drugs and remedies.
  • Vegetable herbs like onions and garlic.
  • Flowering and decorative herbs.
  • Spices and other plants at home in a herb bed.

    long tom herbs

The smell and taste of herbs can be quite intoxicating and you may well end up with the Herb Bug. On this site there are tips for growing various herbs – just type into the search box a term or plant of interest. If you can’t find what you want try one of the links below.

Herb Blogs and Useful Sites

The Herb Society

The Herb Gardener

The Hertfordshire Herb Group

Popular Herb Uses

Flavouring meat and cooking
Preserves, sauces and vinegars
Teas, tisanes, wines, beers and syrups
Cosmetics, pot pourri and bath scents
Medicines, oils and ointments


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