Hardwood Cuttings Reminder

Hardwood Cuttings Reminder

January is a good month to take hardwood cuttings including .

Buddleia – Currants
Dogwood – Forsythia
Gooseberry – Holly
Honeysuckle – Philadelphus
Rose – Viburnum


Step by Step Guide
Select a length of stem that was produced last year. Remove with a straight cut just below a leaf joint.
Cuttings can be 6-12 inches long. Discard the young thin tip.
On a warm bright site make a slit to a spades depth and add some gritty sand.
Bury half the cutting, firm the soil and water well.
Leave the cuttings to the end of the year to grow good roots.

Other January Jobs
Put several cuttings around a plant-pot and keep in the cold greenhouse
Wash clean and sort all pots.
Take chrysanthemum cuttings
Keep greenhouse and plants tidy to avoid mould.
Sow hardy annuals in greenhouse.
Water sparingly but do not allow plants to dry out.

January Root Cuttings of Perennials
Oriental Poppies – Verbascum
Dicentra – Sea Holly
Echinacea – Acanthus
Crambe – Rhus


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