Help with February Gardening Jobs

Help with February Gardening Jobs


There are numerous jobs to start in February and most gardeners will be very busy. Perhaps too busy to read this article. Still Gardeners Tips tries to help new and experienced gardeners with a series of tips and job lists that should save time in the long run.

Jobs for New Gardeners In February

  • Do not rush, the season hasn’t started and there is a lot of time to catch up.
  • Complete any hard landscaping and design changes that you do not want to be doing when the growing season starts in earnest.
  • Plot and plan, February is a great time to be sorting out your thoughts and getting all your ‘ducks in a row’ ( do not mix ducks with an ornamental garden they eat and fertilize the wrong things.)
  • Read what the experts will be doing – plants want to grow for beginners and experts alike.

Jobs for Expert Gardeners In February

  • Sow seeds of Broad Beans and Sweet Peas in a cold greenhouse or outdoors with some protection.
  • Sow hardy annual seeds in trays
  • February is the time to dig in any green manure that has over wintered.


  • Prune outdoor vines, blackcurrants and gooseberries using off cuts as cuttings
  • If you are troubled with moss on tree trunks use lime wash to remove it.
  • Spray peaches against leaf curl


  • Order any seeds and sow early carrots, parsnips or parsley
  • Draw up soil around spring cabbages
  • Plant out autumn sown lettuce and broad beans

Flowers and Shrubs

  • Plant anemonies, ranuculus gladioli nd tiger lilies in groups where you want them to flower
  • Divide clumps of perennials
  • Prepare a sweet pea trench and sow hardy annuals in shelter
  • Plant evergreens like ivy & Laurel
  • Cut back winter flowering shrubs as they finish flowering


  • Aerate and rake  as often as possible
  • Dress with sand or fine compost
  • Repair edges

Greenhouse and Indoor Plants

  • Sow sweet peas and other seeds if you have heating. Keep them well lit to encourage sturdy growth
  • Remove dead or dried leaves from indoor plants
  • tak cuttings of Regal Pelargoniums
  • Plant out any bulbs which have finished flowering to naturalise. Cyclamen can be dried off until Autumn for use next year.


  • Get prepared for your busy period by cleaning and repairing anything you have been leaving on one side
  • Oil and sharpen tools
  • Sweep paths and treat with a moss killer if needed

Read about when to start seed sowing Jobs

Think about attracting wild life into your garden such as Butterflies

See also Green Manure

Do not forget to put those New Year Resolutions into practice.

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