Growing Hesperis matronalis Alba

Growing Hesperis matronalis Alba

Hesperis matronalis Alba

Hesperis is a hardy biennial that flowers in blue, purple or white. It is easy to grow from seed and flowers through summer.

  • The main charm is the scent that you get in an evening from the masses of 18″-36″ high plants.
  • Ideal for the middle of borders, Cottage Gardens, Wild Gardens or a Wildlife Garden.
  • Charming large spikes of single flowers attract hoverflies and insects.

Sowing and Growing Instructions

  • Optimum Germination Temperature: 60-65F (15-18C).
  • Sowing Depth: 1/8 Inch (3 mm).
  • Sow in late spring/early summer  thin out or  plant out in their flowering positions in early autumn.
  • Space the plants 30cm (12in) apart in full sun or part shade.
  • Plants self-sow freely in good soil.

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