Green Euphorbia & Wisley Handbook

Green Euphorbia & Wisley Handbook


The lime green bracts on this Euphorbia are looking very bright in the spring sunshine. The plants are evergreen and easy to manage and form a good clump after 2 or 3 years. This clump has 17 flowering stems about 3 feet high but is only 2 feet in diameter.

  • New stems are being formed at ground level for future years but the plant isn’t invasive. Any dead stems are pruned out at ground level to keep the plant healthy and the growth fresh all year around.
  • Euphorbia come in all shapes and sizes so choose a variety from a gardene centre that fits your planting scheme. This plant is growing in poor soil in a sunny bed raised from the surrounding garden and forms the back drop for alpine plants.

Book Cover

The RHS Wisley Handbook series includes a special volume on Euphorbia with 96 pages packed with pictures and information
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  1. Green flowers are beautiful. yeah, green is not only for leaves but flowers as well. Awesome.

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