Bedding Tips


Bedding describes  plants  that are used en masse for a showy display of a temporary nature. They are often annuals but can also be bulbs like Begonia or biennials like wall flowers.

Tips on Bedding Plants

  • Plants need space to develop and you need to remember this when planting out – you do not want bare soil but you want developed flowers. Err on the side of being too close ( A 4″ diameter plant can be spaced every 3″-4″ but no closer).
  • If plants are very small when planted out or are grown in situ then ‘thin’ them out to make space. This means pulling out (or pinching at root level)  and throwing away weak  or over crowded plants.
  • To make a plant grow more bushy pinch out the growing tip. I do this too good effect with bedding Geraniums. More branches will equal more flowers.
  • Take off or deadhead flowers when they have finished. Once a plant starts to set seed it may stop all flower production and think ‘Job Done’.

Design of Bedding

  • Consider the colour scheme you are aiming for – white washes out cool colours like blues but highlights the pinks above.
  • It was common practise to put low plants at the front and tall plants at the rear of a Bed but it is your garden and a bit of variety can make the casual observer take a second look.
  • Consider if you want uniformity and rigid rows or a more natural planting.
  • Not everything needs to be a flower, grasses can add movement and refreshing greens or silver leaved plants can provide highlights.

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