Wallflowers for Scent

Wallflowers for Scent

Good wallflowers are not to be sniffed at – well actually they are as I find them one of the most aromatic flowers.
Oh to Bee a Wallflower

You can’t beat wallflowers for scent in the spring garden. On a still morning and through the day the aroma is quite intoxicating. I am looking at seed catalouges now to buy the seeds I want to sow in June – July 2009 to grow sturdy bushy plants to flower next spring 2010. In truth most varieties will do and I will probably get some cheap packets from a local store.

  • The bushy plants will be grown by pinching out the growing tip in September to encourage the bushy growth and they will be planted in the flowering position in Autumn when the space is cleared.
  • Plants may survive more than on flowering year but become very leggy so treat as biannuals.
  • Wallflowers are related to brassicas like cabbage and cauliflower so do not plant them where you want to grow these vegetables next year



As wallflowers pass their best they need to be turfed out to make room for new annuals or plants such as Dahlias.

Tips for Growing Wallflowers.

  • I can’t wait for Wallflowers to self seed as they look very leggy and seldom do as well as newly sown plants.
  • If some plants have grown in neglected spots you can leave them as they often survive several years.
  • Sow Wallflowers for next year from July onwards – they are best grown as biennial plants.
  • In Autumn pinch out the growing tips of seedlings to make bushy plants.
  • Try growing Wallflowers in tubs or old pots. They can be moved into place for the scent and colour in spring, then the pots get replanted for summer.
  • I think the red bedder varieties smell the best but scent is in the nose of the sniffer.

Thompson Morgan’s Wallflower collection is available by mail order from this list.


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