Club Root and Brassicas

Club Root and Brassicas

For gardening purposes Brassicas are a group of vegetables in the mustard family that includes Cabbages, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Calabrese Sprouts and Kale.
Spinach, Rapeseed, Swede and Turnip are also from different brassica species but are not discussed in length in this post.

Know about Club Root

  • Club root is a fungal infection of brassicas
  • It causes distorted swollen roots and stunted growth
  • Spores contaminate the soil for many years after an infestation so be careful with new plants that may bring in disease
  • Control by liming the ground in autumn. More heavily on acid soil.
  • If you suffer grow plants in 4 inch pots before planting out.
  • Some brassicas show resistance to club root

Know about Brassicas

  • The flowers, leaves and stems are usually edible though each vegetable is famous for its own features like this heart of the cabbage.
  • Brassicas contain antioxidents, minerals and vitimins and are a staple of a healthy diet.
  • The sulphur content of the brassicas give it the aroma when cooking. Red purple and green heads are now produced amongst cabbages and cauliflowers and if they lose colour when cooking add a bit of vinegar to the water.
  • Brassicas prefer some shade in firm, fertile, limed soil. Tread seedlings in and support tall brussel sprouts.
  • Rotate the crop moving to a different plot every year as the roots can suffer from a fungus causing club root.
  • Plants need space to develop – a sprout will need 2 feet between plants.

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