Problems with Acer Palmatum

Problems with Acer Palmatum

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Problems with Acers

  • Japanese maples can be very prone to leaf scorch in windy or excessively sunny positions, particularly those with fine-cut leaves.
  • Containerised specimens may be troubled by vine weevil larvae.I am willing to use chemical treatment like Amazon’s Pbi Provado Vine Weevil treatment.
  • Japanese maples are susceptible to scale insect damage.
  • Acre palmatum like some other Maples is prone to the disease verticillium wilt.
  • The roots of Acers in pots are vulnerable to frost over winter. Provide protection by wrapping containers with a sheet of bubble wrap held in place with garden twine.
  • Do not purune particularly in spring when the rising sap can bleed from open wounds.
  • Acers will not tolerate wet, excessively dry or very alkaline conditions. The plants will shed leaves, show stress and ultimately may die

Acer japonica

Containers Grown Acers
  • Japanese maples are ideal plants for growing in containers.
  • Plant in an ericaceous loam-based compost which allows good drainage. Provide a high percentage of organic matter that can be found in John Innes No 2.
  • Keep the compost evenly moist, but not soaking wet and feed in spring and early summer with a slow-release fertiliser. Less fertilizer is needed when the tree is planted in the ground.
  • Maples will need repotting into a slightly bigger container every couple of years. April or September are ideal months to do this.

Where to Plant Your Acer

  • Green-leaved Acers tolerate full sun but are best in dappled shade to avoid scorching.
  • Japanese maples are slow growing and will grow best in a sheltered position.
  • Red and purple leaved cultivars need some sun to develop fully their dark hues.
  • Variegated Japanese maples need partial shade to prevent the afternoon sun from scorching the foliage.
  • Take care when locating your containers with Acers
  • Acers do not like competition for there shallow fibrous roots so ensure that they are not too crowded.


Verticillium Wilt is a wilt disease that can attack Acers see picture
Symptoms are superficially similar to Fusarium wilts. There is no chemical control for the disease.

Consider growing Acer palmatum Asahi Zuru

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  1. One of our Japanese Maples has a main branch that contains no leaves: the other one, eighteen feet away is flourishing wonderfully. We live in northern South Carolina, just south of Charlotte – Zipcode 29707.
    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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