Unusual Fruit – A Taste of the Unexpected


The pomegranate is a native of Iran and Pakistan. The shrub or small tree bears bright red flowers and juicy, if seedy fruit.
Even if placed in the sunniest, warmest part of the garden they will suffer in the UK but with global warming who knows.


Book Cover

Book Cover

A taste of the unexpected contains details about growing and cooking Chilean guava and Szechuan pepper amongst other unusual items.
Whilst the photograph below was taken in England these bananas were only grown in the Kew garden tropical hot house.

Banana hand

Eden Project
Are these warts, fruit or just part of the trunk? sadly Eden project did not have a name on this plant

Guava Baby
Guava Baby by CeeKay’s Pix CC BY-NC 2.0 ‘Not sure if this is yummy but we stumbled upon this “face” on a guava fruit. It had eyes and a big round nose. To complete it, I stuck a piece of apple skin into his “mouth”. It was so adorable that we dressed it up too!’

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