Top 10 Vegetable Seed Suppliers

Top 10 Vegetable Seed Suppliers

Last year we reviewed seed companies for general seed supply and offered a deal with Unwins. Now we have an arrangement with Thompson Morgan which has just been rated by the Daily Telegraph as having the best overall range from a review of 8 seed catalogues. They have many unusual veg varieties and are good on potatoes and salad leaf mixes. This review is of Vegetable and Herb seed suppliers.

Edwin Tucker & Sons did not feature in our general seed review and scored highly with the Daily Telegraph. ‘very wide range, best for oriental vegetables with clear informative catalogue. Good value for money’.

Suttons good for beginners but the range is sadly getting smaller and smaller.

D T Brown are good value for money with a range that ‘is dependable in harsh climates’.

Chiltern Seeds emphasises heirloom varieties and has good selection of oriental veg. I like the quirky catalogue descriptions and buy some products from them.

Simpson’s Seeds seem to specialise in tomato and chillies seed with umpteen varieties on offer. Good for selling young vegetable plants.

Organic Gardening Catalogue has many unusual varieties of vegetables and herbs but a limited range.

Wallis Seeds remains one of our favourites with 32 pages of densly packed listings of all traditional veg and a few surprises. They supplied me quite a lot of seed this season.

The RHS have a members distribution scheme but only a small number of veg and herbs are offered. It would be an opportunity to increase the cultivation of heritage varieties if they could source adequate stock.

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  1. I ordered some seeds from Thompson and Morgan this year and not one germinated- so sad. It was my first time ordering from them too. They are Lantana seeds, which I’ve heard can be difficult to germinate- 40-60 days! I am ready to give up and toss the flat, but I’m going to try again with the remaining seeds. Now that it is getting warmer, I’ll try in the greenhouse. Happy gardening to you!

  2. I would ask for my money back – we don’t complain enough. At worst you will get some replacement seeds. I find Lantana is hard to germinate and grow in the British climate

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