Spring Spraying Fruit Trees Against Pest and Disease

Spring Spraying Fruit Trees Against Pest and Disease

Spring spraying of apple and pear trees is essential to avoid various troubles. Leaf, blossom and fruit problems need tackling with controlled spraying at the right time. It is a mistake to wait until you see signs of attack because it will be too late to remedy the problem, prevention is better than cure.
apple blossom
The first spray against scab and fungal problems should be made around mid-April. Traditionally Lime sulphur was used to control fungi, bacteria and insects living or dormant on the surface of the bark. That tends to burns leaves so it is not used on evergreen plants. Modern methods spray with Copper Sulphate, Bordeaux mixture or a fruit tree recommended systemic fungicide such as Dithane.Start spraying in April, again after petal fall and at the end of June, failing that read the instructions on the bottle.

To control fruit tree pests such as sawfly and caterpillars spray with an insecticide like ‘Bug Clear for Fruit & Vegetables’ This controls by contact greenfly, whitefly, blackfly and other aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs, red spider mites caterpillars and other common pests.
Spray at bud burst then wait for pollination. Then spray when the petals have fallen.

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A new portable sprayer operated by pumped compression such as the Killaspray will hold 7 litres of solution enough for several fruit trees with some left over for Roses.
Eaten apple
Do not forget wasps, blackbirds and other folk in the garden also like a nice ripe, sweet apple!

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