Growing Veg in The Greenhouse

Growing Veg in The Greenhouse


Tomatoes grown in greenhouse. Marigold to attract hoverfly – a prolific aphid eater.
The Greenhouse offers a much wider range of vegetables that you can grow. Because space will be limited make sure you make best use of the space to grow early / unusual vegetables you can’t grow outside.

Top Tips for Growing Veg in the Greenhouse.

1. Sow Early Vegetables.

There’s an added benefit from growing early vegetables which are not quite ready for the shops. By sowing indoors, and planting in a heated greenhouse, you can have an early crop of carrots, lettuce, and peas.

2. Soil Rotation.

If you are growing in the confines of a greenhouse, you need to make sure the soil is kept disease free. If you grow tomatoes directly in the soil it is worth digging out the soil and swapping with somewhere else in the garden which has had a different crop like legumes.

3. Cleanliness.

If you have a greenhouse keep it very clean and tidy to eliminate unnecessary disease spreading. This is especially important if you get a combination of wet, heat and diseased plants. Be very strict in cutting out dead and dying leaves and placing on an outside compost heap. Every year, clean pots, greenhouse and tools with a good cleaner like Jeyes fluid.

4. Tomatoes are Perfect for Greenhouse.

You can’t beat tomatoes, taking up little space, they can provide a bumper tasty crop. They can be a very rewarding vegetable to grow. They do need care, tying to a stake, regular watering and feeding and pinching out. But, they are worth it. more on Tomatoes

5. Consider Other exotic Veg.

Don’t be limited to just the tomato plant though. Consider courgettes, cucumbers and peppers.

6. Early Potatoes in a Pot.

Given a large pot, you can easily have some early potatoes in the greenhouse. Growing potatoes in a pot is an easy way for providing a good meal for the family table. How To Grow early Potatoes

7. Prevent Overheating.

Most veg don’t like temperatures over 28 degrees, so in the summer, white wash the greenhouse and dampen off when necessary. Make sure greenhouse is well ventilated to aid air flow and prevent disease. More on Greenhouse shading

8. Growing Veg In growbags.

An easy way to grow certain veg. Just keep well watered and fed later in the growing season.

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