The Edible Yellow Garden

The Edible Yellow Garden

They are not called Lemons and Oranges for nothing. As a project I have been considering creating a colour themed garden. The thought of being able to eat the yellow produce has led me to a series of plant discoveries and fresh ideas.


Vegetables In Yellow

  • Tomatoes would be my first choice as there are many yellow or gold varieties to select from. Yellow Debut F1, Gold Nugget and Lemon Boy are cherry toms. Banana Legs is descriptive of the long, pointed, yellow, determinate tomato good for slicing on salads. Larger Yellow tomatoes include Golden Sunrise, Yellow Perfection and Garden Peach.
  • Yellow beans are available as Sonesta or Hildora varieties.
  • Courgette Gold Rush is a reliable FI hybrid and Sunburst Scallop is a favourite squash. Butternut squash is closer to light  brown than yellow in colour.
  • Hot peppers like Hungarian Yellow Wax matures to red but Sweet peppers like Early Sunrise and Golden Bell start and stay bright yellow.
  • Swiss Chard has some powerful yellows but the seeds are often sold in mixed colour packets but look for Leaf Beet Bright Yellow.
  • Sweetcorn minipop is harvested before pollination so doesn’t need to be sown in blocks. Other sweetcorn is a top yellow vegetable.
  • Carrots and Onions with the name yellow in the title haven’t appealed to me but you may wish to consider them.

Yellow Edible Flowers

  • Several garden flowers are edible including nasturtiums, pansy and  daylilies. They are useful as they can decorate a mixedsalad
  • Shungiku is the edible chrysanthemum with yellow flowers.
  • Saffron looks red but colours our food a rich yellow. You need lots of Crocus sativus to get a meaningful crop.

Fruit Herbs and Other Yellow Produce

  • Sweetheart Melon
  • White currants look yellow
  • In the conservatory you could grow a Lemon Eureka
  • Raspberry Allgold is an autumn fruiting variety. I have never come across a yellow strawberry.
  • Many greengages have yellow fruit although I have failed to track down a variety.
  • Gooseberry Hinnonmaki Yellow are fragrant and zesty
  • Grapes like Phoenix will produce good yellow grapes in our climate.
  • Look out for Russets and heritage apples like the yellow fruiting Ashmead’s Kernel variety.
  • Conference pears are a greenish yellow but so juicy.
  • Rhubarb  may look red or pink but when converted into a jam mixed with a bit of ginger root it makes a yellow preserve. I know,  I just had some for breakfast.
  • Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines varieties that grow in the UkK tend to have pinkish skins but this is a fun garden so go ahead.
  • Endive shown below has been forced in the dark but there are yellowish salad leaves to choose


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