My Top 10 Sweet Pea Varieties


Sweet Pea – Antique Bouquet

Traditional varieties of sweet pea colours with great scent.


Sweet Pea – Blue Ripple

Delicate light blue frills on the end of white flowers. It is a lovely blue reminiscent of delphiniums


Sweet Pea – Grandiflora

Strong bold colours in fashion of Union Jack. Great contrast between colours


Sweet Pea – Melody Rose

Very charming colours with a light delicate touch. Great fragrance


Sweet Pea – Sugar and Spice – bicolor

Like traditional old fashioned varieties. Shorter stems, but wonderful old fragrance – evocative of cottage gardens.


Sweet Pea – Sugar and Spice

– basket variety. Makes intense display of flowers


Sweet Pea – Cream Southbourne

Delicate wavy flowers. Great large frilly blooms with extravagant scent to give a great allrounder sweet pea


Sweet Pea – Firecrest.

Uniformity of red, eyecatching colour on strong stems


Sweet Pea – Fragrant Ripples

A long strong stem, with wonderful wavy colouring. Also provide beautiful smell



Lovely lilac flowers and fragrance

Sweet Pea Harvest
Photo Credit
Sweet Pea Harvest by Baha’i Views / Flitzy Phoebie CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Book Cover
Sweet Peas: An Essential Guide by Roger Parsons
The sweet pea is a favourite flower of the gardener because of its delightful scent and diverse range of beautiful colours as this Top 10 Sweet Pea variety selection shows. The book by Roger Parsons looks at the genus in detail and explains how the novice gardener or the seasoned grower can get the most from their sweet peas.

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