Top 10 Easy Flowers To Grow

Top 10 Easy Flowers To Grow

1. Sunflowers. One of the most rewarding plants to grow from seed is the sunflower. You can sow seed in March – May. April is a great time. For best results. Try sowing seed in 3 inch pots. Protect from slugs and keep well watered. After a few weeks the seedlings can be planted out. Sunflowers will need staking. But part of the fun is seeing them grow so rapidly. – Growing Sunflowers

2. Daffodils. Bulbs tend to be very easy to grow. The main thing is to plant at the correct depth in the autumn. If the bulbs are in good condition and disease free they will flower for several years. They can be helped by a liquid feed and dividing when overcrowded. Growing from seed requires great patience and expertise. Growing Daffodils

3. Sweet Peas. Sweet Peas aren’t the easiest to grow, but they are wonderful. You can sow direct outdoors but you will have to watch out for slugs. Sowing in 3inch pots will give better results. They also need something to grow up. They will soon reach 6 feet. The other secret of sweet peas is to keep cutting the flowers – this will give you wonderful cut flowers for the house and extend the flowering season. Growing Sweet Peas

4. Nigella – Love in a Mist. If you want a really easier flower to grow try ‘Nigella’ common name ‘love in a mist. You can just scatter seed in the garden and it tends to look after itself. You can sow the seed in either autumn or spring. Once it gets going, it will set seed. It is resistant to many pests as well.

5. Iris.
Spring Flowers

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6. Penstemon. I have always found Penstemon to be a very easy flower to grow. Once planted it will last for a few years (they tend to die after 4 or 5 years – so be willing to take cuttings). They have a very long flowering season. Growing Penstemon

7. Primrose. Very easy to grow. Can be easily split to form more plants. Flowers in spring Growing Primrose

8. Sweet Williams. A great cut flower. Growing Sweet Williams

9. Aquilegia. Easy to grow from self-seeding.  Aquilegia growing

10. Nasturtium. Another flower that will come easily from sowing seed direct into the soil. They are tender so wait until frost has past and then scatter the large seed where they are to grow. They will grow fast and soon be flowering. Growing Nasturtium

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