Lily Flowered Tulips

red tulip

A red ‘Lily Flowered Tulip’ creeping above the late spring snow.

I have just ordered my tulip bulbs for autumn planting.

Lily Flowered tulips are so called because of their unique shape: the blossom resembles a lily, or sometimes an urn. This effect is created by long, pointed petals which tend to bend back; it can give the impression of a six pointed star.

Varieties of Lily Flowered Tulips Include

  • Ballade
  • Ballerina
  • Blom’s Harmonious Mixture
  • China Pink
  • Elegant Lady
  • Fly Away
  • Jane Packer
  • Mariette
  • Marilyn
  • Marjolein
  • Maytime
  • Mona Lisa
  • Moonlight Girl
  • West Point
  • White Triumphator
  • Yuri Dolgorukiy

How to Recognise Lily Flowered Tulips

    • Lily tulips are all classed as Division 6 tulips.
    • They are a small group of tulips, which used to be classified as Cottage Tulips with an hourglass shaped bloom.
    • Lily-flowered tulips with their cinched-in waists and reflexed petals show their distinctive shape off best if not too closely crowded together.
    • In style they are similar to the Ottoman or Turkish tulips of the 18th century.
    • They are a beautiful race of tulips with lovely flowers and gracefully reflexing and pointed petals.
    • The elegant blooms are born on strong wiry stems from mid April to May.

Thanks to Bloms Bulbs

tulip pattern

It is hard to see what type of Tulip is showing in this photograph as the flowers are well blown! (that means they are open to the fullest extent and are nearing the end of there display life.)

Tip toe through the tulips

Because tulips are such showy flowers I couldn’t resist adding another favourite picture to this short collection of snaps.
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