Protecting Vegetables from Pigeons and Rabbits

Protecting Vegetables from Pigeons and Rabbits

Unfortunately, the vegetable gardeners’ best laid plans can be spoilt be two large pests – rabbits and pigeons.

Rabbits are on the increase in our local area, and if not careful, they can decimate a crop overnight. Scent barriers have limited success and need regular replenishment. Noise barriers are even less effective in my experience. Fencing has some protection but burrowing and jumping are sports in the Rabbit Olympics.

Pigeons can also pick at vegetables, especially in the winter months they will attack your purple sprouting broccoli.

The best solution, short of standing outside all night with a shotgun is to cover up the vegetables in netting. It’s not ideal if you are aiming for an ornamental vegetable garden but, it is less unsightly than leaves with big holes in veg.

This is a simple contraption with six stakes topped off with a flower pot. A net is then secured over the top, providing an effective barrier against wild animals.

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