Pansy Pictures and Photographs

Pansy Pictures and Photographs

purple pansy

The Pansy face that launched a thousand pot plants.

Pair of Pansies

Pansy partners pair up on this plants.


It is the face on a pansy that gives it a differentiation from a viola (and Pansies can’t make music like some violas).


‘Squaring up for a fight’. Is this Pansy one of your favourites? If so vote on the comments section below.

Viola 045

Whiskers rather than a full face put this more in the Viola class but I am a bit of a Joker and so is this flower.

More Sources

Pictures from the Viola Group on Flickr called Violetta Amore Mio ‘Violet my love’
Grow Your Own Cheap Violas from GTips
Growing Pansy All Year Around GTips
Google Pansy images
Seeds and plants from Thompson & Morgan
Violas on the first image courtesy of Toshio

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