Olympic Torch Floral Arrangement

Olympic Torch Floral Arrangement

Olympic Torch

I have been asked for ideas to create a floral arrangement that fits the description Olympic Torch.
I am not even a gold medal winning gardener, although I do aspire. Nor am I much of a flower arranger!

The spirit of this site is to encourage others to go above and beyond our horizons so I will give it a go with these tips!

Protea family

Design Criteria

  • The winter Olympics flame pictured above would be hard to replicate in a floral tribute so I am banking on the summer Olympics as being the reason for the display.
  • Flowers, foliage, greenery, wood and organic matter seem appropriate materials. The Olympics is inclusive of country, sport and to an extent ability.
  • Size may be important but I will settle for making a statement in a home setting.
  • Metaphors like a Burning Bush or Torch Lily are to be avoided.
  • Warm colours should be in vogue despite the crystal blue above.

Baby Myrtle
Baby Myrtle Bottle Brush

Plant Recommendations

  • Spikes and sword shapes will for the basis of a long thin arrangement.
  • Red Hot Pokers are available in a range of colours including the yellow above and the traditional red and yellow two tone.
  • Representing each continent may be a theme worth pursuing and Bottle Brush from Australasia, Proteas from Africa, Alstromeria from South America, a yellow rose from Texas may be too metaphorical, a white Delphinium spikes from Europe and Pieris japonica from Asia for texture and fire red leaves.

Pieris japonica
Pieris japonica leaves.
As n alternative to red-green leaves you could opt for smokey grey such as Eucalyptus (but they are full of flammable oils and you may end up with a real torch!)
Knipfolia Lemon
Kniphofia Bees Lemon

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White Delphinium
White Delphinium
Growing Delphiniums
Just Joey
Just Joey Orange Yellow Rose

Olympic Torch Relay

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Olympic torch relay by Teligence, on Flickr and Winter Olympic Torch by Michael D W under creative commons license.

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