Kaffir Lily a Schizostylis or Clivia miniata

Kaffir Lily a Schizostylis or Clivia miniata


Kaffir lily is a name attached to several species including Schizostylis, Hesperantha and Clivia miniata.
We opt for calling Clivia the Kaffir Lily

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Gardeners Tips on Kaffir Lily Schizostylis

Schizostylis are good Autumn flowers lasting through November. I like the pencil thin, sword like leaves and the proud spikes of flower opening in clusters up the stem.
Schizostylis are available in white, pinks like S. ‘Jennifer’ and S. coccinea Major a dark red.
Schizostylis need moist soil from spring onward to give a good Autumn show.
Grow in clusters for a good effect.
The more Autumn sun they receive the better the display.
Propagate by division of the rhizomes in late winter.
November Cheer and Viscountess Byng are both late flowering varieties.

Kaffir lily (yellow form)

Kaffir Lily (2) Clivia miniata

The Kaffir lily that is also called Clivia miniata comes from South Africa.
In cultivation, it’s a popular house plant because of its long-lasting flowers.
Provide good lighting to encourage blooms in orange or yellow. The strappy leaves are still visually interesting.
Clivia produce offsets or sucker for propagation.
Pollinated flowers produce a cherry sized, green berry which slowly turns red.

Kaffir lily in the Temperate House

Schizostylis by kfjmiller CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Kaffir lily (yellow form) by Kew and Kaffir lily in the Temperate House by Kew CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Kaffir Lily by Chris Coomber CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Schizostylis coccinea – An autumn flowering bulb which just gets better year on year.

Kaffir Lily

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