Flower Arranging – Fatsia Japonica

Bold and glossy Fatsia Japonica is easy to grow and incorporate into your flower arrangements.

ARALIACEAE 五加科 - Japan Fatsia (Fatsia japonica) 八角金盤

Using Fatsia Japonica for Flower Arrangements

  • Fatsia Japonica or Aralia Japonica is also known as ‘Fig Leaf Palm’.
  • It is a useful evergreen shrub growing up to 15 feet tall.
  • It tolerates maritime conditions and temperatures down to minus 10 C.
  • Panicles of milky white, globular flowers are produced in Autumn followed by black berries.
  • Can be underplanted with Hostas to provide two sources of flower arranging material.

Book Cover
Church Flowers: The Essential Guide to Arranging Flowers in Church by Judith Blacklock

Special Tips for Flower Arranging with Fatsia

  • Fatsia has hand shaped, leathery leaves are apple-green in colour.
  • The bold shiny leaves work well in traditional flower arrangements.
  • The different sized leaves which the plant produces are useful for different types of arrangement.
  • The leaves should be cut a day before arranging and given a long deep drink.
  • The edge of the leaves or fingers can be clipped to a shape that suits your arrangment.
  • The leaves can be laid flat to form a green base of splayed finger shapes.

Fatsia japonica Flowers

A full array of books on Flower Arranging and related subjects is available from Amazon. You will find more advice and artistic inspiration amongst this selection.

I would also recommend the Harrogate spring flower show where I am always stunned by the floral arrangement amongst the plants on display.

To grow a generic mix of flowers for arrangements and bouquets check out Thompson & Morgan

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ARALIACEAE 五加科 – Japan Fatsia (Fatsia japonica) 八角金盤 by kaiyanwong223 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Fatsia japonica Flowers by the justified sinner CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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