Hostas make a Vista Baby

Hostas make a Vista Baby

Old Hosta

It is the end of this years Hostas but I was lucky to keep most slugs off most Hostas until the autumn ravages start. It is no longer worth protecting the leaves which are due to die back into the Hostas roots to await next spring.

Hosta flower slugged

2010 has been a good year for Hosta flowers and I have been keen to see white and purple spikes on my plants.

Hosta big and small

This is a photo of the baby hosta or Dwarf alongside a normal plant. Mini hostas have the less impact when placed directly next to large hostas.

  • Mini, baby or dwarf hostas have similar characteristics to larger Hostas.  Their tiny size makes them versatile and interesting close up!
  • Mini Hostas can be grown in pots, alpine beds or in groups
  • Baby mini Hostas should   be placed in front of larger Hostas if you are growing them together in a garden.
  • Use mini Hostas in rows or pots by a garden bench or patio so you can see them up close.

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