Honeysuckle, Woodbine or Lonicera

Honeysuckle, Woodbine or Lonicera

You are my honey honeysuckle I am the vine……

Woodbine (not the cigarette) is an old colloquial name for Honeysuckle the mainstay of the Lonicera family. It is a favourite of English hedgerows and now there are many varieties grown for colour and scent in a garden setting

Tips for growing Honeysuckle

    • A twining, climbing plant most honeysuckles need some support as they shoot skywards for up to 30 feet. Try trellis or and old tree for support.
    • Most varieties of the honeysuckle are famous for the scent of the flowers which is sweet and powerful. Aim for a red Lonicera tellmanniana or L.fragrantisima rather than the Belgica.
    • Left to trail the plants can still be effective in a semi woodland enviroment
    • Lonicera nitida  honeysuckle can be pruned and shaped like topiary. I can recommend Baggesen’s Gold a small yellow leaved variety.

Honeysuckle baggins gold

  • Plants root easily from summer cuttings. I have a plant that has moved house at least 5 times.


I really like sweetly scented honeysuckle and couldn’t resist this picture of a late bud in my garden.

Top Honeysuckle Tips

  • This tall growing, twining plant with fragrant blossom has an easy going habit.
  • They work well in an informal hedge and can often be found in countryside hedgerows
  • Cuttings root easily and I have a plant that has moved with me from many houses since my great aunt gave me a plant 45 years ago.
  • Also called woodbine – do not try to smoke it (an old fag joke)

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