Good Bad and Downright Ugly

Good Bad and Downright Ugly

Good & Bad Companions

Ash trees take lots and lots of goodness from the soil then die back or get turned into CO2 as firewood.

Never plant gladioli near peas beans or strawberries if you want them to thrive. Cabbages can kill off strawberries

Fuchsias appreciate shredded green bracken underneath their roots

Couch grass seldom grows around tomatoes, lupins or turnips.

Raddishes help stop maggots near cabbages

French marrigolds are well know for protecting from white fly

Good but Ugly Tips

Mulch with black polythene, old carpet or thick layers of cardboard.

An old dustbin with a chimney can be used to burn rubbish efficiently but it doesn’t look as good as a bonfire

Old labels and random canes and sticks as supports look untidy and at least in winter should be gathered in.

Lilies are fine plants but can be ravaged by the red lily beetle. Hostas can be ravaged by slugs and both look ugly

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