Cop these 26 Gardening Tips

Cop these 26 Gardening Tips

Cop hold of these gardeners tips designed for the upcoming Cop26 summit on the climate

  1. Grow and eat your own produce.
  2. If you have the space fruit is my favourite. It can be eaten fresh or stored, preserved, frozen or made into jam
  3. If you are short of space you can grow salad and bean sprouts in the kitchen on a windowsill.
  4. Potatoes can be ready 9 months of the year. Try a mixture of earlies, second earlies, main crop, salad potatoes and special varieties. I plant some in late summer to have new potatoes ready for Christmas.
  5. Green leaved veg take up space, the more the better, but root crops give a good yield even in confined space.
  6. If you are adventurous you can eat many berries from shrubs and hedge rows but check them out for toxicity.
  7. There are many alcoholic drinks you can brew at home I even have a ginger beer plant.
  8. Use no chemical insecticides, live and let live.
  9. Use no chemical fungicides, find a natural alternative
  10. Good husbandry  helps control problems and maintain fertility
  11. Rotate your vegetable crops between legumes, brassicas, onion family  then potato & tomatoes
  12. The tops of young nettles can be cooked and taste like spinach.
  13. There are edible flowers like nasturtiums to try as well
  14. Plan to store excess fruit and vegetables but be wary about lettuce and cabbage that do not keep.
  15. Arrange a swap system with other gardeners to share seeds, seedlings and excess produce.
  16. Collect rain water at every opportunity.
  17. Tap water isn’t free and is not as good. It is treated and pumped around.
  18. Water veg when they start to flower to increase the crop.
  19. Do not let veg get short of water as they will run to seed early and stop producing
  20. Don’t water lawns during a drought, they will recover.
  21. In a drought make some water available for birds and insects.
  22. Watering the leaves of peas and runner beans helps set a good crop
  23. Collect seed from your crops to sow for next year. You don’t need to buy new each year.
  24. Be frugal and conscious of the negative impact your gardening actions may create.
  25. Be frugal and conscious of the positive impact your gardening actions may have.
  26. Enjoy you gardening.

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