Free Roses


You can grow more Roses for free by taking cuttings but do not expect a 100% success rate. You should get more than 50% so just take more cuttings!

Roses from Cuttings

  • Select some healthy green canes that have become a bit woody in September.
  • Cut 8 inch lengths, just above a bud eye at the top and below a bud eye at the bottom. Remove lower leaves.
  • Fill plant pots with a mix of sharp sand and soil 2:1 and push in the cuttings half way.
  • Water and keep  in a sheltered spot until Autumn.
  • To over winter,  protect  the cuttings by burying the pots in a trench or keeping them in a lit, frost free environment.
  • In late April rooted cuttings can be transplanted. Do not let them bloom in the first year to build up some strength.
  • From a summer cutting that has not become woody remove lower leaves leaving a small part of the leaf stalk. Cut a cross in the base and hold it open with a grain of wheat to act as a natural hormone. Soak the stem in water overnight and plant in a soil & sand mix.

Roses By Layering

  • Ramblers and roses with very long stems can be layered in spring.
  • Choose a long stem that is growing close to the ground.
  • Leave it attached to the plant, lay it horizontally and remove the leaves where it touches the ground.
  • Carefully make an incision in the bark on the underside of the stem, cover with 2″ of soil and leave the tip of the stem exposed.
  • Peg the stem down with bent wire, water and leave until late Autumn or spring. When rooted it can be cut from the mother plant with secateurs.

This rose is available from

Plants from Thompson & Morgan not quite free.

Claude Monet Artists’ Rose. ‘This truly exquisite hybrid tea rose leaves you spellbound by its ever-changing colour combinations. Each bloom is a unique work of art, with layers of fragrance that form a pyramid. The first scent you smell is that of bergamot and lemon. Go back an hour later and discover rose, pear and vine-peach. If you cut the stem and put it in a vase, on the base notes of green almond, ivy and vanilla remain.’

Unfortunately it is not free at £11.99 but any cuttings from it will be.

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