Flowers Attracting Insects

Images to get your thoughts and garden buzzing.

The wasp has the right colouring¬† to act as camouflage on this Tagetee.¬† For a small flower, little bigger than a 5p piece, the tagetee is punching above it’s weight for insect pulling power. Caught late in the day when the shadows are beginning to lengthen there is always something to spot in a well planted garden.

Tagetees are used in the green house to attract white fly away from Tomatoes or better still deter them in the first place.

My old favourite the Cystus is flowering again after its earlier summer performance. Not as much blossom but all the more welcome for this second flush and a chance for insects to stock up on more nectar.

Cardoons, thistles and centaurea are all good insect attractions and in Autumn the Michaelmas daisies also bring in the insects.

Why with all the flowers to go at do flies and wasps want to come into the house?

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