Evening Fragrance in the Garden

If you want to walk around your garden in a summer evening and take in the scent then consider some of the following recommendations.

  • White flowers often smell the best like Nicotiana alata or the taller N. sylvestris
  • Lillium regale can have an almost over powering scent on a still evening
  • Philadelphus ‘Beauclerk’ a large flowered and orange blossom scented.
  • Rose ‘Iceberg’ can come in a climbing form as well as floribunda
  • It may seem obvious but night scented stock Mattihola bicomis are an absolute winner and the seed can be sprinkled freely as the plants are small and unobtrusive. Many plants like this are pollinated by moths and other evening insects
  • A selection recommended by Bob Flowerdew is Zaluzianskya capensis ‘Midnight Candy’ also called night phlox with a marzipan almondy scent an annual grown from seed.
  • Simple jasmine can enhance any scented garden and Hesperis sweet rocket and Reseda odorata Sweet Mignonette can all be added to a list to try. Give each plant an area where its scent isn’t in conflict with another strongly perfumed variety for maximum impact.

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