Earth and the Art of Gardening

In 1569  Joachim Beuckelaer painted the Four Elements and this picture shows the bountiful earth.  The range of produce implies a market gardeners hand or a large garden capable of providing such bounty.

The 4 elements I need in the garden are Earth (hearty soil), Water (not too copious and not at the wrong time), Fire (or at least sunlight for photosynthesis) and Air (or  more space in which to grow).

The Market Woman with Vegetable Stall, 1567, by Pieter Aertsen shows lemons and more exotic produce that implies international trade rather than local gardening.

At least we can see how some people were able to eat in the mid 16th Century. I would be happy to grow half these fruit and vegetables on display.

This is actually the painting of Earth from the Four Elements. The painting shown above top is the Market Seller Fruit Vegetables and Poultry. Fruit and vegetables was a subject Joachim Beuckelaer used frequently.

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  1. Dirty Girl Gardening February 18, 2010 at 16.03 #

    I love this post.. great job. These pictures are inspiring.

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