Growing Ranuculus calandrinioides

Growing Ranuculus calandrinioides

Ranuculus calandrinioides

Ranuculus calandrinioides has an AGM, originates from the rocky slopes of the Atlas mountains, prefers dry shade, grows 8″ tall and has broad white-grey leaves.

This member of the buttercup family is dormant in summer.
It is easily grown under cold glass but give it as much light as possible. Outdoors keep it dry.
The lax growth will be kept more compact if grown hard and started late.
Keep bone dry until mid winter so growth does not commence above ground until early spring
Ranuculus calandrinioides has a thick fleshy rootstock and a lax growing habit.
Flowers form a large goblet shape in pure white or a delicate pink.

Aestivate means the plant spends the summer in a state of torpor
Cotswold garden flowers has a good data base on Ranunclus
Seeds may be available from B&T world seeds.

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