Climbing Clematis and Family


Clematis is one of the worlds favourite flowers for climbing over fences and trellis.

The Family of Clematis

  • The Clematis genus is from the family Ranunculaceae which is the same as the buttercup and many other plants. below
  • Winter Aconites – Eranthis hyemalis and Adonis amurensis start the flowering year along with other family members the Hellebores.
  • In spring Anemone, Marsh Marigolds and buttercups take over.
  • For summer consider Globe flowers or Trollius, Rue Thalictrum, Acquilegia, Delphinium, Aconitum, Larkspur and Love-in-a-mist or Nigella.
  • Baneberries, Bugbane and Japanese Anemones round off the Ranunculaceae display in autumn.
  • What a versatile and wide spread family.

Seasonally Adjusted Clematis

  • As with other members of the Ranunculaceae family there is a Clematis species or variety to flower in most seasons.
  • Clematis cirrhosa flowers in December and if covered to protect from winter snow will survive our climate.
  • The Clematis Montana rubens like Nelly Moser and Ville de Lyons are firm May favourites. Tetrosa has larger flowers.
  • Small flowers Clematis tangutica and flammula are interesting varieties to seek out from your suppliers or friends.
  • Clematis vitalba flowers in late autumn and produces interesting seed heads


Read Tips for Growing Clematis and Clematis Pruning
Use a good Foliar feed every 7-10 days and a good root drenching weekly.


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