Thorp Perrow Hydrangeas

Thorp Perrow Hydrangeas

This Hydrangea panniculata Limelight was one of several underplanting trees at Thorp Perrow Arboretum. In full flower at the beginning of September this Hydreagea was one of 70 or so species and varieties planted in the grounds. Different parts of the arboretum have soils with PH values of 6.7 to an acidic 4.6 . There is marshy and wet ground despite the 15,000 trees drawing water from the land.


This Hydrangea quercifolia or oak leaved hydrangea looks a bit bedraggled in the photograph but it looked marvelous insitu. Quercifolia are medium sized shrubs worth growing for the leaf colour in autumn.

The volume of flowers and bracts on the one head was astonishing. There are many interesting Hydrangeas to see at Thorpe Perrow and I recommend buying the authoritative catalogue (£3.75) listing the featured trees and shrubs by location, name, origin and often age.

Hydrangea Villosa group are hairy leaved shrubs. This glorious speceimen was at least 8 feet high and made a startling feature in moderately acid soil.


For more information on Thorp Perrow see Gods Own County

Thorp Perrow

2012 has been a good wet year for Hydrangeas but please can we have more sun next summer.

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